Session 3 Avian influenza in Africa


9h00 -9h45 Key note 5: Epidemiology and phylogenetic studies of avian influenza viruses in birds and mammals in Africa (Mariette DUCATEZ)


9h45 -10h30 Key note 6: Low Pathogenic avian Influenza in Africa (Mohammed EL Houadfi)


10h30 -11h Coffee Break


11h -12h Oral Communications


12h -12h30 Discussion


12h30 -14h00 Lunch


Session 4 immunity and control strategies of influenza virus


14h30 -15h Key note 7: Avian Influenza surveillance strategies in wild and domesticated animals


15h-15h30 Key note 8: Classical and new vaccine generations against human and animal influenza viruses


16h -16h30 Coffee Break


16h30 -17h30 Oral communications


17h30 -18h Discussion


18h -18h15 Closing ceremony


18h30 -19h30 Symposium


Gala Diner

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